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The Law Office of Michael A. De Vito is a Civil Litigation and Personal Injury law firm that was founded by Michael A. De Vito, Esq. in the late 90’s.  For over twenty (20) years the firm has focused on the representation of individuals injured by the negligent, careless, reckless and intentional actions of others.

Prior to starting the firm, Mr. De Vito was employed as a defense attorney by one of the largest property and casualty insurance carriers in the country.  As a defense attorney, he represented individuals and companies that were being sued for injuring others as a result of their negligent actions.  It is during that time that Mr. De Vito gained valuable insight into how these types of cases are investigated, evaluated, defended and settled from the perspective of the insurance company.  Since leaving the insurance company and starting his own practice, he has utilized that knowledge and experience to benefit hundreds of personal injury victims.

The objective of the office is to satisfy each and every client to the fullest extent possible.  This objective is achieved by handling every client’s legal matter with honesty, hard work and professionalism.  The firm believes that a successful attorney-client relationship can only be accomplished by open and continuous communication.  Mr. De Vito and his staff are always available to discuss a client’s case, whether by telephone, e-mail or office conference.  Finally, they believe that a client should know and understand the law as it applies to their particular claim and/or lawsuit.  Therefore, rather than keeping clients “in the dark,” they strive to educate their clients and keep them well informed.

The firm also strives to maximize each client’s recovery.  They have a proven method of investigating and prosecuting personal injury claims.  The key to their success has been the aggressive prosecution of the client’s claim and/or lawsuit while simultaneously, and equally as aggressively, maintaining open negotiations with the applicable insurance company.  This approach has allowed the office to obtain excellent settlements, in a timely and cost efficient manner, on behalf of their clients.

For over twenty (20) years, the Law Office of Michael A. De Vito has successfully represented hundreds of clients and recovered millions of dollars on their behalf.  In return, many of their clients have expressed their utmost appreciation and gratitude by referring their family and friends to the office. To read more about our recent accomplishments, please visit our “Results” page.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and believe that the Law Office of Michael A. De Vito can be of assistance, feel free to call or e-mail in order to discuss your case with an experienced attorney.  The initial consultation is free and the office does not earn a legal fee unless they are successful in recovering money for you.  Expenses, if any, are payable at the conclusion of the case.

Please visit our "Reviews" page to read what former clients of the Law Office of Michael A. De Vito have written about their experience with the office.

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